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About Stayokay

You can find us at 22 locations throughout the Netherlands – in the most surprising spots! The nice thing about these locations is that you will always go home with memories of new adventures, as there's so much to do in and around the hostels.

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Stayokay is a non-profit organisation that is committed to the community. Sustainable enterprising is known territory; it is intertwined in our organisation and is visible in all our hostels.

Also, for more than 85 years, Stayokay has offered its local and international guests the ideal starting point for new and valuable experiences. Stayokay offers no unnecessary luxury, but a well-catered stay in informal surroundings. There is also plenty of opportunity to meet other people. With annual overnight stays numbering around 1 million, Stayokay is the largest provider of budget accommodation in the Netherlands. Stayokay is affiliated with Hostelling International; a network of more than 4,000 hostels worldwide.


Stayokay’s hostels are situated in three different types of locations:

  • City
  • Countryside
  • Coast & water

There are countless excursion options from our hostels: soaking up art and culture in town, exploring the countryside or getting some fresh air on the beach. Guests at Stayokay are eager to meet other people they can go on trips with, have adventures with or share travel experiences with. Each hostel has many package deals you can book that make your stay complete.

Stayokay guests

Families, individual travellers, groups and companies all like to stay at Stayokay – for instance, schools or groups of friends. Our hostels are also ideal for daytime meetings, workshops, weddings and company parties. There is plenty of opportunity to meet other people in the bar, on the terrace or over dinner.


Stayokay is perfect for families. Each hostel has fun activities and package deals for children and the whole family! On top of that, a family always sleeps in a special family room – never having to share a room with other guests.

Individual travellers

Individual travellers will also feel comfortable at Stayokay. There are several common areas – such as the dining hall, the lobby and the bar – which will enable contact with travellers from all over the world. Of course, you can also choose for privacy and book a private room.


Stayokay has years of experience with welcoming and supervising groups. The hostels are great places for a nice time with your friends, your club or your colleagues. It is even possible to organise a party at a beautiful location. In addition, Stayokay offers fully-catered experiences: a unique adventure with a strong theme.


Stayokay has been hosting school groups and students for 80 years. Its wide range of package deals entails, among other things, special teaching deals that include full board, rooms and educational programmes that include sports, culture and field work. There is also always something to do in and around our hostels, which are located in the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.


Stayokay offers the perfect place for a meeting. The multi-purpose halls are ideal for groups – small and large alike. What’s more, meetings can be combined with some well-earned relaxation as Stayokay offers a range of activities, including team building.

History of Stayokay

Stayokay’s history dates back to 1929, under the name NJHC (Nederlandse Jeugdherberg Centrale – Dutch Youth Hostel Centre). Young people (from the city or from outside the city) emancipated and went on adventures to experience the Dutch countryside culture and nature and to meet other people. The NJHC offered these young people a simple and responsible place to stay and meet others, regardless of their philosophy of life, descent or class. Over the years, the NJHC was developed into a modern hostel chain with a large diversity of local or international target groups, private or shared rooms with their bathroom facilities, a professional kitchen and many other facilities. There is still plenty of opportunity to meet other people, and the informal atmosphere is still there as well. In 2003, the name was changed to Stayokay.

Since its establishment in 1932, Stayokay has been affiliated with Hostelling International, a network of more than 4,000 hostels worldwide.